5 Best Ways To Remove Snow

snow removal

We here in Oklahoma are well acquainted with the snow. But, as beautiful as it is, it also presents a necessary chore that every homeowner must contend with–snow removal. 

If left alone, even a minor snow flurry can turn into a driveway dangerously icy.

Clearing the snow from our property can quickly become a daily activity, if not even more frequent. Since so much of our time and energy will be spent battling the snow, it’s best to consider the safest and most effective methods to keep our driveway clear through even the worst winters.

1: Prepare Well

In the months leading up to winter, plan ahead:

  • Repair cracks in your driveway. Cracks will snag your shovel, making snow removal a constant headache but also adding to your driveway damage. If left alone, a crack will worsen as ice pushes its way into the opening.
  • Correct drainage issues. Improper drainage can cause water, and thus ice, to accumulate on your driveway. There will be no repairing this problem during the frozen season, so make sure to address any improper drainage before autumn ends.

Before any snow removing activity also:

  • Wax your shovel. If a piece of snow or ice sticks to your shovel, you’ll effectively be moving that weight dozens or hundreds of times with every swing. Waxing your shovel makes snow less likely to adhere to it. Candle, floor, or even car wax will get the job done.

2: Make a Plan

Avoid doing the same work twice by considering the order and timing of your snow removal efforts.

  • Clear off your car first, then the area around it second.
  • Wait until after the street plows come through to clear the end of your driveway.
  • Put snow far enough away so that debris won’t tumble back into your already cleared space.

3: Shovel Safely

Snow removal presents a unique safety challenge by combining cold, icy hazards, and physical exertion. Nearly 100 Americans a year die while shoveling snow

  • Dress in layers. Even small jobs can take longer than expected. Always dress as if you plan to be in the elements for a long time.
  • Watch your back. To avoid back injury, lift with your legs and not your back, keep the shovel blade close to you, and use a small shovel to avoid attempting to lift too much weight.
  • Clear Snow Dangers. Make a special note to clean up snow around any building exhausts, drains, fire hydrants, and your house number.

4: Deploy Deicers Wisely

  • Keep rock salt away from your plants and pets. Rock salt can burn grass and is toxic to dogs and cats.
  • Use calcium chloride or magnesium chloride instead of traditional deicers. These substances are gentler on living things while still getting the job done.

5: Hire The Professionals

The safest and most reliable way to ensure your property is cleared of snow is to hire the professionals at Moyer. We are trained, equipped, and experienced in conquering even the most challenging snow removals.

  • We handle driveways, sidewalks, pathways, roads and roadways, decks, patios, porches, causeways, and roofing systems. 
  • Our flexible scheduling includes routine, scheduled, or emergency snow removal.
  • Contact us and never worry about snow removal again.

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