Can You Plant Grass Seed in Winter?

Grass Seeds

If you’re anxious to fill up unsightly patches of dead grass or add volume to sparse areas in your lawn, you may be wondering if it’s possible to plant grass seed in winter. 

While winter weather isn’t an ideal season for yard work, you may be pleasantly surprised to find out that you can grass seed in the winter. 

Moyer Lawncare and Landscaping is here with all you need to know about planting grass seed before spring.

Dormant Seeding

Right now, your lawn is likely damp, cold, and maybe even patchy. Your turf and winter plants might look bleak, but thankfully, it’s not too early to start working on growing lush, green grass this spring.  

Using a ‘dormant seeding’ process, you can start planting grass seed now, even before the ground thaws. The seed is spread on the ground and then lays dormant until spring when it will germinate. 

“Dormant seeding may take place anytime during the months of November through February,” explains HGTV. “However, in the last few years studies have shown that February may be the best month for deployment, with germination success rates as high as nearly 75 percent—a significant advantage over December or January rates of around 50 percent.”

Seeding your lawn now, instead of waiting for spring can put your yard on a fast-track to landscaping success this season.

How do You Plant Grass Seed During Winter?

The key to encouraging maximum growth when the weather warms is ensuring the grass seed makes good contact with the soil as you plant. 

Start by preparing the soil with a garden hoe or rake. It may be challenging to cultivate the ground if the ground is frozen, but try to loosen up the top layer as much as possible. 

Then, spread the seed in accord with the supplier’s directions. 

Wet winter weather can help the seed incorporate into the soil. Even if the ground freezes or snowfalls, your seed should be just fine.

Benefits of Planting Grass Seed in the Winter

Traditionally, it is best to plant grass seed in the early fall. If you’re planning to seed your entire lawn or landscaping for new construction, dormant seeding may not be your best option. 

However, there are some important benefits to planting grass seed in the winter, especially for covering small areas.

“One advantage of this procedure is to be able to seed during a less busy time of the year,” explains Kansas State University on dormant lawn seeding. “Spring weather can be wet, which delays seeding. Late spring-planted grass is prone to weed invasion and less able to withstand the stresses of summer.”

If you’re planning to plant grass seed before spring, why not get help from a professional?

Professional Landscaper in Oklahoma City

Here at Moyer Lawncare & Landscaping, we’re happy to help you care for your lawn all year long. Even in these chilly winter months, we can start preparing your property to look bright and full this spring. 

With nearly a quarter-century of landscaping experience, we have the know-how it takes to offer the best lawn care and maintenance in Oklahoma City. 

Please feel free to contact us to find out more about our grass seeding services and get a free estimate.

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