There are a few things left to ensure that all your spring and summer hard work regarding your lawn and landscaping doesn’t fade into Oklahoma’s frigid winter. Granted each home, property, or landscaping layout featured throughout the various communities in Oklahoma are inherently different, however, it is worth noting that the seasons and all of their assorted manifestations affect each of the aforementioned aspects in much the same ways. To avoid this, preventative measures for your lawn and landscaping during the Fall/Autumn seasons is always advisable.

Preparing your Oklahoma lawn, yard, and landscaping for the imminent harshness of our pending winters can prove to be a daunting task for many homeowners; which is why the lawn care & fall clean up specialists that we employ here at Moyer offer a full-range of fall cleanup and property preparation services.



Our Fall clean up services and various methods of property preparation often include, but are not limited to:



Leaf & Foliage Removal

Leaf & Foliage Removal

(In order for your property’s landscaping [gardens, lawns, yards] to bounce back to the previous years’ luster and vibrancy, it is imperative to remove old leaves, decaying plant material, and general debris before the onset of winter. As such, the leaf and foliage removal services offered at Moyer are expeditious, efficient, and above all else: effective.)


Hedge & Lawn Trimming

Hedge & Lawn Trimming

(Cutting the grass, lawn, and flora is essential to promote new growth & renewal come spring time while also preventing the growth of mold, fungus, or other parasitic invaders. To best combat that, we recommend enlisting our lawn care professionals’ expertise in the trimming, pruning, cutting, or mowing of your properties lawn, hedges, and/or shrubbery.)


Sprinkler Services

Sprinkler Blowouts

(As the cooler temperatures begin to take hold and the ground develops its annual chill, many pipes, irrigation lines, and sprinkler system experience those yearly fluctuations of climate in the worst sort of ways - build-up, bursting, and eventual blowouts. In answer to this, our lawn care specialists offer prevention services as well as emergency response/coverage.)


Winterization Coverage

Winterization Services

(Incorporating a proactive and property-specific winterization routine has proven time and time again to be one of the most effective ways to adequately prepare your property’s landscaping, lawn, grass, garden(s), yard, and soil for the severe changes in climate and weather that each Oklahoma winter brings. Depending on the size of the property as well as the various “softscaping” aspects being featured, it might be best to recruit our noteworthy winterization expertise to defend against this year’s elemental onslaught.)







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Leaf & Debris Clean Up


Benefits Of Leaf & Debris Cleanup For Your Oklahoma Lawn & Landscape

Raking the lawn might be why you reared your children, but for the final preparation before winter, you and your minions most likely lack the necessary know-how to adequately remove all debris needed to ensure your currently-healthy lawn maintains its vitality and makes it unscathed through the winter.

These Five "P's" Are What Can Really Make A Difference Each Fall/Autumn
  • Polished Property Appearance
  • Promotes Easier Regrowth
  • Prevents Irreparable Damage
  • Provides Much-Needed Sustenance
  • Pays For Itself Immediately
Common Issues From Lack Of Proper Cleanup

Any plant diseases spreading in fall will likely remain there until the spring thaw by living in leftover debris like leaves, dead branches, soil or other fungal-holding material. Elements such as mycelium, spores and other reproductive fungal cultures are the best way for plant-killing diseases to span the winter and infect your yard again in the spring. It’s always best to have the final fall cleanup done by professionals who can identify and eliminate them.

How Moyer Can Protect Your Lawn & Landscaping

Having been one of the leading landscape companies that specializes in fall clean up and seasonal preparation services for over two decades, we’ve had the fortunate opportunity to work with a wealth of lawns, landscapes, and local customers in a variety of capacities; chief among them being properly preparing their landscaping layouts for the challenges that our colder Oklahoma seasons often bring.


Here’s Why Our Local Lawn Care Specialists Should Help Prepare Your Landscaping

As a part of our continuous effort to keep our local Oklahoma clients completely covered during their property preparation and fall clean up services, we are proud to offer clean up, removal, and disposal services that include the following:


Leaf Cleanup Services
One of our very effective ways for preparing your property to withstand the change into the colder seasons is removing any excess leaves left over from over trimming or the annual deciduous that most trees go through.
Leaf Removal Services
After our property preparation experts have effectively consolidated all the leaves scattered about our clients’ property, we can begin gathering and bagging what has accumulated.
Leaf Disposal Services
Once all the leaves have been thoroughly cleaned up, gathered, and removed from the property, our professional staff will dispose of said leaves in an economical manner; typically used as a fertilizer or mulch, depending on the species of the leaves.
Foliage Cleanup Services
Cleaning up any excess lawn clippings, trimmed foliage, and pruned vegetation is absolutely essential if you want your property’s landscaping and subsequent organic features to survive through the winter.
Foliage Removal Services
Removing all foliage clippings, lawn trimmings, or cultivated flora from your property’s landscape layout is the next step towards ultimately preparing your property against the inevitable changing of the season(s) and climate(s).
Foliage Disposal Services
To promote renewal and reduce the carbon footprint that is a byproduct of preparing one’s property for the seasonal storms, drops in temperature, and overall dismality that our Oklahoma winters tend to bring.
Debris Cleanup Services
Hiring a local landscaping expert or professional landscaping outfit to clean up any debris left over from an Oklahoma storm is always recommended as a means to properly prepare your property against the clench of winter’s icy clutch.
Debris Removal Services
Also removing said leftover debris is a service or capacity that is often best left in the hands of a local professional who specializes in property preparation services to dampen the effects winter has on our Oklahoma properties.
Debris Disposal Services
Excess debris that is strewn about your property poses a more severe risk than being an eyesore or the idle gossip of nosy neighbors; any debris that remains as winter sets in is a veritable breeding ground for invasive parasites (fungi, spores, lichen, etc).

Winterization 101 For Oklahoma Properties

Winterization might just be the single most important step to fall services. Preparing your lawn, plants and soil for the upcoming Oklahoma winter ahead will preserve your hard work for the spring and save you money by cutting down on the number of plants you need to replant in the spring.

Why Winterization Is Essential EVERY Year In Oklahoma

To prepare for your yard’s winter ‘hibernation’ you need to replenish the nutrients that have been depleted throughout the growing season by using a professional-grade fertilizer. The nutrients absorbed by plant roots from the fertilization will help them withstand winter weathering. To avoid ugly brown spots and odd patches lawns need to be properly aerated, fertilized and winterized. In addition to fertilizing, winterization procedures also include aeration; aeration drills small holes in your lawn that reduce thatch build-up and allows essential nutrients from the fertilization to be properly distributed and absorbed. It’s been said that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” and we here at Moyer couldn’t agree more; especially when lawns & landscaping are involved!

Common Problems Caused By Inadequate Winterization

Whether it’s due to inadequate poor planning, miscalculation of climate shifts and seasonal changes, or implementing inferior products or subpar preparation services, the potential damage that our Oklahoma winters can wreak on a property’s landscape, garden, lawn, foliage, and flora is nothing short of devastating. And, as many local Oklahoma property owners can and will attest to, combating our yearly winter tempest(s) can be an expensive, arduous undertaking for many who are unfamiliar with the process; both before the onset of winter, during its onslaught of storms and inclement weather patterns, and even after its icy tendrils have receded in response to the burgeoning of spring and its implications of renewal. Here are a few of the common challenges and hurdles that our proven winterization process is shown to overcome year in and year out:



Soil Nourishment

(Adequately nourishing your Oklahoma property’s landscape and subsequent softscaping elements is absolutely essential each year before winter sets in. How large the property’s landscaping is as well as the geographical location often determine just how soon it’s wise to begin nourishing your soil.)

Winter Fertilization

(In direct response to frigid temperatures and the heavy snowfall that our Oklahoma communities experience, there exists a scientifically formulated fertilizer specifically designed to withstand even the coldest of our winter months.)

Top Soil Insulation

(Thoroughly insulating your landscaping and its various flora and foliage can be a godsend to many property owners here in Oklahoma because it effectively preserves not only the soil and all of its beneficial nutrients but it safely nestles the plants, flowers, trees, and shrubs as well!)


Lawn & Greenscape Trimming

(While on the surface it appears that trimming your lawn, grass, or greenscape is counterintuitive before each winter, it’s actually been proven to be extremely effective in promoting new growth come springtime by reducing the chance for bacteria, fungi, spores, and other parasitic species to take root.)

Flora & Foliage Pruning

(Achieving an optimal height and length for the various organic elements, trees, grass, foliage, and flora is a time-honored method of winterization that is proven to be effective even in the face of some of our more severe Oklahoma winters.)

Irrigation & Sprinkler System Prep

(As many homeowners here in Oklahoma have unfortunately found out the hard way, properly preparing your lansdcaping’s irrigation and/or sprinkler system is vital each year before the colder winter temperatures begin to freeze anything exposed or unprepared


Pool/Pond Bailing & Leveling

(Similar in concept as well as purpose towards preparing your property’s sprinkler/irrigation system before each winter, ensuring your home’s pool, pond, lagoon, or water features is something that every Oklahoma homeowner should endeavor for each year. This is often achieved by bailing out, draining, or siphoning excess water from the pool until a desirable level is attained - thus reducing the risk of cracking foundation or bursting of pipes.)

Reliable Yard Waste Removal Services


Yard Waste Removal

Yard waste removal is a simple concept but difficult to complete on your own. Hauling away the waste from winterization, fertilization, raking, debris clearing, and other fall cleanup services is critical to ensuring that your yard is clear and does not have any breeding ground for plant diseases, mosquito and bug larva, and other harmful outdoor problems.

Fall Lawn Seeding

Fall is actually one of the best times to repair your lawn, especially for those looking to do intensive renovations, repairs or spot touch-ups. Professionals know exactly how short to cut your specific type of grass to ensure vitality throughout the cold season. Every lawn is different though and a customized lawn-improvement plan will ensure your lawn is perfect as possible—and better than your neighbor’s.


We Offer Cost/Obligation-Free Consultations For Our Local Oklahoma Clients!




Leaf Blowing & Raking
Our cleanup crews always arrive on-time and finish clearing your property of leaves (either by raking the leaves into a pile or using a leaf-blower to accomplish the same thing) and any other loose vegetation or foliage with quick efficiency and a thoroughness that is beyond reproach.

Fall Clean-up
As the seasons turn, your property's softscaping (organic features: trees, shrubs, bushes, flowers, lawn, grass, etc) undergoes an annual cycle that is the beginning of a "renewal" process. What's more, the aforementioned softscaping often needs to be cleaned up as the foliage sheds their leaves, dead branches, and excess/damaged bark.

Mulch Services
For a quality mulch product that provides lasting nutrition for your property's landscaping, we recommend Premium double shredded, hardwood mulch. Addtionally, other mulch materials like cypress or colored mulch are provided as well.

Storm & Debris Cleanup
While cleaning up the deris and detritus after a storm or severe weather disturbance is very similar to cleaning up for the fall in necessity as well as inconvenience, it is worth noting that cleaning up the debris and rubbish after a storm is inherently more important.

Aeration, Fertilization & Seeding
As mentioned above, the properties here in Oklahoma experience a renewal each year after their winterly dormancy. What was not mentioned that our company actually specializes ensuring that your property's blooming season yields a healthy abundance for all "greenery".

Winterization, Top-dressing & Lime
Preparing your home for the winter each year can be a painstaking, arduous process for many property owners; especially for those who unfamiliar with the process and the proper steps that need to be taken. In light of that, our company's has actually pioneered many techniques and applications towards ensuring your property is protected.

Yard and Planting Bed Clean-up
After the plants, flowers, edibles, delectables, bushes, and trees have been planted (or relocated aka transplanted) for the coming seasons, be sure to consider taking advantage of our expert cleanup services we offer our local property owners here in Oklahoma!

Why Choose Moyer For Your Fall Cleanup Needs?

Searching the web for a fall landscaping service? Moyer Lawncare & Landscaping fall cleanup service includes – Leaf removal both curb and roadside, yard and planting bed cleanup, aeration, fertilization, seeding, raking, bagging. Ever tried to do it on a windy fall day? Moyer Lawncare & Landscaping gets it done efficiently and affordable. As part of our fall cleanup service we also offer lawn thatching, fall fertilization, aeration, and tree trimming.

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