Fall Lawn Prep


There are a few things left to ensure that all your spring and summer hard work regarding your lawn and landscaping doesn’t fade into Oklahoma’s frigid winter. Granted each home, property, or landscaping layout featured throughout the various communities in Oklahoma are inherently different, however, it is worth noting that the seasons and all of their assorted manifestations affect each of the aforementioned aspects in much the same ways. To avoid this, preventative measures for your lawn and landscaping during the Fall/Autumn seasons is always advisable.

Preparing your Oklahoma lawn, yard, and landscaping for the imminent harshness of our pending winters can prove to be a daunting task for many homeowners; which is why the lawn care & fall clean up specialists that we employ here at Moyer offer a full-range of fall cleanup and property preparation services.

Our Fall clean up services and various methods of property preparation often include, but are not limited to:


Leaf & Foliage Removal

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Hedge & Lawn Trimming


Sprinkler Services

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Winterization Coverage

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