Fall Season: The Best Season For New Landscape Installation?


Every homeowner looks forward to Springtime for their landscaping projects. We enhance the beauty of our home with plants, flowers, and giving our greenery care and attention.

Many landscaping companies are booked by the time Spring rolls around. But is this the best time for landscaping installations?

Despite what the majority may believe, Fall is the perfect time of year to begin your landscape installation projects. Some of the advantages that Fall brings include:

  • Favorable environmental factors
  • Plant and flower health
  • Great weather for the work

Favorable Environmental Factors

Spring season might be when trees start to grow their leaves back and flowers start to bloom. What many people don’t think about is that in Spring, you can get hit by heatwaves, surprise snowstorms in some areas, and excessive rain.

Excessive rain seems like a good thing when it comes to watering flowers. But the truth is that soggy soil will make it harder for roots to grow.

Understanding this fact brings us to why Fall is the best season for landscaping installations. Fall comes with cooler temperatures, which means lower humidity. Soil becomes ideal under these conditions because it stays cooler and keeps moisture in.

Ideal Plants And Flowers

Favorable environmental factors in Fall allow plants to develop a robust root system. The roots of a plant give them stability and will make them stronger for the upcoming Spring and Summer seasons.

Shrubs, trees, and flowers thrive during the Fall season. Some of these plants to look into include:

  • Perennials. They might not bloom in Fall, but Mums and Japanese toad lilies will be ready to bloom by Spring.
  • Trees. Great options include Maple trees, like the Autumn Blaze, and Elm trees, like the Lacebark.
  • Shrubs. These can be used as hedge borders, focal points, or to separate private areas. Examples of these are Privets, Hydrangeas, Firethorns, and Spireas.

Great Weather For The Work

Landscaping companies are not only booked less for Fall, but the weather gives them easier conditions to work under. The cool temperatures make working outside ideal conditions. It is neither too hot nor too cold, so workers can be more efficient in their work.

Fall weather will also make landscaping maintenance easier since weeds will be less active.

Things to Keep in Mind

There are many reasons why Fall is the best season for landscape installation. But this doesn’t make landscaping an easy project since there are different things to keep in mind.

It’s important to learn about the plants that you plan to utilize for landscaping. Think about the amount of sun and shade they will receive. The time of day they receive will also have an impact on your landscaping.

It’s also important to know how to water your plants. The soil conditions will affect the success of your landscape installation. If it rains, make sure you know how the water is going to drain out, so it doesn’t do any harm.

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