At Moyer Lawncare & Landscaping we handle all fence repair projects big and small. Finding a trustworthy repair service can be a challenge, that's why you can depend on the experts with over 24 years of experience and satisfaction to handle your fence repair with professionalism and class. Whether you’re looking for repairs on vinyl, wood, or even steel fencing, we’ve got the experience and high grade equipment to get your job done right the first time, every time.


Why Choose Us For Your Wood, Vinvyl, or Metal Fence Repairs?

Because of our local familiarity with various property types that have many facets & features of their landscaping layout (more specifically, their property's hardscaping features) and design, we've had the fortuitous opportunity to fulfill a wealth of different capacities and also affect many property services on behalf of our Oklahoma clients. What that roughly translates into is that our company's experience and overall repertoire of services offered is as diverse and versatile as the customers who often benefit directly from them.

Wood Fence Repairs

Considering the wood fencing system that encircles your local Oklahoma property serves a much more significant than role than merely separating your property from the neighboring houses or defining where your property line is (such as providing aesthetic value and deterring would-be intruders, to name a few), it would make sense to enlist the expertise of a local company who has years of repairing wood fences of all types.

Vinyl Fence Repairs

One sure-fire way to really revamp your property's curb appeal and aesthetic value is to incorporate a vinyl fencing system around your property. Conversely, one sure-fire way to provide the exact opposite to your property is to allow your vinyl fence system to fall into disarray; either due to inattention or subpar repair services. What's more, with the wealth of options available for vinyl fences, you can bet that there is a vinyl fencing system to suit your tastes.

Metal Fence Repairs

Metal fencing, by and large, is one of the more popular fencing systems here in Oklahoma because it can range from chain-link fencing to wrought-iron fencing systems that provide a timeless appeal to your property. Whatever the preference may be, it's inevitible that your metal fence will eventually need to be repaired. To that effect, we are proud to offer our services in a repair/maintenance capacity to address any issues that your metal fence is plagued with.


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