For years now, Moyer Lawncare & Landscaping has provided professional holiday lighting & decorating services for both commercial and residential properties in Oklahoma. This holiday season, take your lights to the next level with an elegant assortment of outdoor displays, lighted ornaments, Santa and reindeer, lighted wreaths, even garland. We’ll handle all your lighting and display needs and leave you more time to spend with the ones you love.


Seasonal Decor & Holiday Lighting Done Right

It’s that time of year again, where the air permeated with the scent of woodsmoke & pumpkin spice and the communities are brimming with holiday cheer and the spirit of camaraderie. The holiday season is upon us in full swing and the homes are artfully adorned with lights, accessories, figurines, and even nativity scenes. Each home displays unique expressions in their commitment to the holidays; ranging from the walls & roof bedazzled in an array of holiday lighting, an assortment of seasonal decorations bedecking their exterior & lawn, or a combination of the two and more. It is worth noting that the layout and design of your property’s landscape plays an integral part in how your holiday lighting “spread” is portrayed and received by onlookers and passersby.


Seasonal Decor & Holiday Lighting Done The Moyer Way

As such, it’s in every property owners’ best interest to entrust the design and installation of your holiday lighting and decor to an outfit that is experienced and well-versed in the challenges that often come with designing/installing an assortment of lighting, spreads, and displays. Conversely, enlisting the services of an inexperienced party or one who is unfamiliar with the inherent demands that are often associated with mapping, designing, and installing a holiday lighting system can prove to be substantially worse than a mere loss of money or an unsightly display. Instead, we recommend doing as so many others before you have done and consider contracting the expertise of our local landscaping company, Moyer Lawncare, to provide the layout and design of your holiday lighting & decor as well as its installation and/or retrieval.


Top Two Reasons To Hire A Holiday Lighting Pro At Moyer

Lighting & Decor Displays That Are Safe, Sound, & Sure To Spellbind!

There are several reasons why many of our local businesses and homeowners choose to recruit our holiday lighting & decor specialists to oversee their holiday displays each year; chief among them being a firmer understanding of not only what is appealing, alluring, and aesthetically pleasing to the eye in a holiday lighting display but also what is economical and designed with an emphasis on safety. Additionally, the holiday lighting displays, various holiday lawn ornaments, and seasonal decorations we implement into our designs and installations are always top-quality, engineered to last, and pass all safety standards.



Familiarity Often Translates To Proficiency When It Concern Holiday Lighting & Decor Displays

Our landscape lighting specialists are not only familiar with the notably varied flora and foliage that largely comprises a property’s landscape design and layout but are also equally skilled at incorporating various elements of the landscaping to further highlight the featured illuminations and additions to this season’s holiday lighting and decorations. What’s more, is that our experts in holiday lighting take extra time and exercise the foremost diligence when performing our holiday lighting installations to ensure that there is minimal damage to the property’s “softscaping” aspects & elements. Interested in learning more? Continue reading below!




Holiday Lighting & Decor Design Services

Each shortcircuit holiday season we all see it without fail, every year: that one particular house, while memorable in appearance tends to go a bit overboard with too many holiday lights, seasonal accessories, or decorative features and too little rhyme or reason to the entire layout.

Or conversely, there is always that pocket in the neighborhood that is barren of any seasonal lighting, displays, or assortment of holiday decorations; which can be equally as jarring.

In answer to both holiday lighting mishaps, we offer our years of holiday lighting experience in a wealth of options: spectacular arrays of holiday displays, exceptional exhibits of impressive illuminations; or an assortment of holiday lawn decorations sure to bring an exorbitant amount of adoration & jubilation! Furthermore, as a byproduct (or lack thereof) our inclusion of economical, energy-efficient lighting, our customers are able to enjoy their holiday displays throughout the season’s entirety without interruptions/short circuits or an unmanageable burden on your utility bill.


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How Moyer Is Lighting The Way In Oklahoma, One Happy Client At A Time

Our company has adopted an “all-inclusive, full-service” approach towards providing the various landscaping services we are often tasked with managing. And in this particular case, as it concerns holiday lighting & decor services being coupled with design and installation capacities, our all-encompassing approach is absolutely no different.

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