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fall leaf cleanupThere are a few things left to ensure that all your spring and summer hard work doesn’t fade into Oklahoma’s winter.

Fall leaf cleanup services prep your yard for the cold winter ahead by removing leaves, cutting the lawn to the optimal height, sprinkler blowouts, winterization, and more.

Here are few of the most important things that can be done for your lawn to prepare.

Leaf and Debris Cleanup

Raking the lawn might be why you had children, but for the final preparation before winter you and your minions most-likely don’t have the know-how to remove all debris needed to ensure your healthy lawn makes it through the winter. Any plant diseases spreading in fall will likely remain there until the spring thaw by living in leftover debris like leaves, dead branches, soil or other fungal-holding material. Elements such as mycelium, spores and other reproductive fungal cultures are the best way for plant-killing diseases to span the winter and infect your yard again in the spring. It’s always best to have the final fall cleanup done by professionals who can identify and eliminate them.


Winterization might just be the single most important step to fall services. Preparing your lawn, plants and soil for the upcoming Oklahoma winter ahead will preserve your hard work for the spring and save you money by cutting down on the number of plants you need to replant in the spring.

To prepare for your yard’s winter ‘hibernation’ you need to replenish the nutrients that have been depleted throughout the growing season by using a professional-grade fertilizer. The nutrients absorbed by plant roots from the fertilization will help them withstand winter weathering. To avoid ugly brown spots and odd patches lawns need to be properly aerated, fertilized and winterized. In addition to fertilizing, winterization procedures also include aeration; aeration drills small holes in your lawn that reduce thatch build-up and allows essential nutrients from the fertilization to be properly distributed and absorbed.

Yard Waste Removal

Yard waste removal is a simple concept but difficult to complete on your own. Hauling away the waste from winterization, fertilization, raking, debris clearing, and other fall cleanup services is critical to ensuring that your yard is clear and does not have any breeding ground for plant diseases, mosquito and bug larva, and other harmful outdoor problems.

Fall Lawn Seeding

Fall is actually one of the best times to repair your lawn, especially for those looking to do intensive renovations, repairs or spot touch-ups. Professionals know exactly how short to cut your specific type of grass to ensure vitality throughout the cold season. Every lawn is different though and a customized lawn-improvement plan will ensure your lawn is perfect as possible—and better than your neighbor’s.

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