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Moyer Lawn care & Landscaping – Commercial & Residential Snow & Ice Removal! Let us Reduce your Winter Liability and Increase Profitability.

Can your business afford to be closed?

If a large distribution center shuts down, it can cost them thousands of dollars per minute. So it is a wise decision for them to partner with a professional service such as ours. And as a result, Moyer Lawn care & Landscaping can offer the level of service a business needs and expects because we charge appropriately for the job. “In a clients mind, ‘if we hired Local Joe Snow Plow , and they dropped the ball it cost us two days of operations or even worse if they create a slip and fall situation it could cost millions. So we’ll hire Moyer Lawn care & Landscaping and the job will be done professionally'”. Moyer Lawn care & Landscaping is prepared to deliver high-level, service with the proper insurance and trained employees. “We really try to foster a one-to-one relationship with our clients. Moyer Lawn care & Landscaping offers much more than ‘snow plowing’ service; we reduce liability and increase client profits during the winter months.”

Snow & ice removal - snow plow

Find the Right Winter Services Provider

Finding the right winter services provider for your needs can be tricky. Whether you are looking for a provider to clear a driveway, a five acre parking lot, or something in between, there are many things you should consider.

What Services do I Require?

In addition to plowing, will you need deicer applied? Do you want a provider that is equipped to handle high-accumulation storms? Will you need to have snow removed from the site?

Are you Satisfied with your Current Level of Service?

Can your current service provider fix and maintain snow removal equipment, carry the necessary deicers and provide the necessary staffing to service your property? Can they handle an unexpected storm or breakdown? Is your current level of service lowering your exposure to potential litigation due to slip ad fall accidents?

Let Moyer Lawn care & Landscaping handle all your Snow & Ice Removal