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Commonly Asked Questions and Reliable Answers

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Q.  How do I determine the amount of mulch, loam, or crushed stone I need to dress up my property?

A.  One cubic yard of product covers approximately 100 square feet to a depth of 2 to 3 inches. Determine the square footage of the areas you wish to dress up, and order the product accordingly.

Q.  If I want to build a stone wall, how do I determine the number of pallets of wall stone I’ll need?

A.  The rule of thumb there is that a pallet of wall stone is enough for about 30 linear feet, 1 foot high and single face.

Q.  Is it true that mulch attracts insects?

A.  Mulch doesn’t necessarily attract insects, nor is it likely to support an infestation. Wood chips, on the other hand, though they don’t necessarily attract insects, would more likely support an infestation. Wood-eating insects, such as carpenter ants, target wood, not the bark, so bark mulch doesn’t usually offer anything attractive to them.

Q.  What repellents work best to keep woodchucks and other destructive animals out of my garden?

A.  There’s no easy answer to that one. There are a number of products on the market, and people report various results. Predator urine, especially fox or coyote, has become very popular in recent years. It creates the illusion that predators are nearby, and that’s a powerful deterrent. It’s also all-natural. There are chemical and physical barriers, plus traps, woodchuck bombs, and scarecrows. Varmints are a perennial problem and there’s no single solution.

Q.  I’d like to plant some shrubbery that blooms all summer. Any suggestions?

A.  About the only thing that fits that bill, and that can survive our winters, is the rose. Creating annual and perennial gardens will bring lots of vibrant color to your property, as well.