The Perfect Flowers for Fall


As the leaves on the trees begin to turn brown and the smell of pumpkin pie fills the air, it’s clear that fall has arrived!

With the onset of a new season comes the opportunity to refresh your home’s landscaping to not only match the time of year but also to thrive with the change of climate. Picturing the beautiful hues and colors that come with the fall months, we’d love to share some of our favorite flowers that we know will look beautiful around your home this fall!

Garden Flox

Garden Flox is a five-petaled flower known for its dainty stature and sweet fragrance. These lovely flowers carry a beautiful shape and do well to survive the dropping temperatures of the fall months. These are specifically known to thrive for decades under the correct growing conditions and bring wonderful color all throughout the year.

While the bloom time is dependent on the type of garden flox you choose, there are three categories (early season, midseason, and late-season bloomers), that when all planted together, ensure beautiful blooms well into the fall months!


Pansies are all a plant we know and love that come in a host of different colors and sizes. To their benefit, pansies grow long roots that allow them to remain undisturbed even when the temperature begins to drop.

Not just that, but similar to the garden flox, you don’t have to wait until fall to enjoy pansies as they also bloom in the spring months. As the overcast weather moves in, pansies provide gorgeous pops of color that every garden can enjoy!

Evening Primrose

Your next fall favorite flower is the evening primrose. One might ask why they are the ‘evening’ primrose as opposed to the morning or afternoon! Well, this flower blooms at night to release a delicious citrus scent that fills the entire garden.

Along with their sweet smell, evening primrose also attracts butterflies that can add a special ambiance to fall weather.

Evening primrose is also a great addition to gardens or areas that have proven to be a bit more difficult to landscape. This is a result of evening primrose being a flower that spreads very easily. As such, they are a good solution for filling hillsides with eye-catching beauty.

Landscaping with Moyer Lawncare for Your Best Fall Garden

Along with offering the right fall flowers to your garden, Moyer Lawncare is ready to offer more tips to get you your best fall garden yet.

To do just this and ensure your garden is protected, we encourage re-mulching during the fall time to care for your soil as the temperatures begin to fall as we get closer to the winter months. With over 25 years of experience caring for Oklahoma City gardens, we meticulously make sure that your lawn care and landscaping are not only done well but also beautifully.

With this in mind, it’s time to fall in love with fall flowers, so feel free to contact your local experts to help you design a garden you can be proud of.

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