Use a Holiday Lighting Company to Install Your Winter Lights Safely

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Winter decor adds a touch of mystical romance to an otherwise dreary season. While other facets of your landscaping look a little tired come the winter months, holiday lights add color and sparkle to our homes and foliage. 

As exciting and beautiful as winter lights can be, however, you may want to consider hiring a professional to install your holiday decor. Doing so will ensure that your holiday season is not only stress-free but also that you and your family remain safe. 

Risks of Installing Your Own Winter Lights

Installing Christmas lights is not as simple as displaying other decorations such as hanging streamers or throwing tinsel. When it comes to hanging holiday lights, two risk factors deserve your attention.

The Risk of Fires

Every year, approximately 800 house fires are started because of Christmas lights. Most of these fires are due to faulty electrical setups or damaged lighting equipment. Older holiday lights were designed without fuses in the plugs that would otherwise prevent electrical shorts or circuit overloads.

The Risk of Falls

Falls are another cause of concern when it comes to hanging your holiday decor. More than 10,000 people need treatment in hospitals for fall-related injuries incurred while installing Christmas lights and other decorations every year. Many of these falls are from ladders or are caused by tripping over electrical cords. Fractures, sprains, lacerations, and contusions are all results of Christmas light-related falls.

Advantages of Hiring Professionals to Hang Your Holiday Lights

When you hire professionals to install your winter lights, you eliminate the risk factors mentioned above. Expert light installers know how to install decor safely without causing problems to the electrical in your home. They will also test and examine strings of lights for damage before hanging them. 

The risk of falls also goes down when you have a professional hang your lights. They are trained and certified to use ladders and lifts safely. Their experience will ensure their ladders are appropriately placed and secured before they ascend.

Another advantage of hiring professional landscapers to decorate your home and yard with lights is that they know the foliage well. Therefore, they can apply the lights without causing any damage to your prized plants. They will identify what models of lights are best suited to each shrub or tree’s strength and size.

Make The Most of The Holiday Season by Hiring The Holiday Lighting Experts

Rather than tackle winter light installation on your own and risk ending up in the emergency room, consider hiring the lighting specialists at Moyer Lawncare & Landscaping. Our experienced team will do more than hang lights. Their skills at incorporating your landscape’s unique elements will further highlight the beauty of your seasonal decor and lighting. Our specialists will also take the extra time and care needed to ensure that the flora and foliage aspects of your landscape remain unharmed throughout the process.

If you’re interested in learning more about the advantages of hiring a holiday lighting company to install your winter lights safely, contact Moyer Lawncare & Landscaping today!

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