Yard Drainage: Common Problems and Solutions

yard drainage problems

In Oklahoma City, the rainy season is between May and June. Along with the wettest months of the year, you can expect your yard to expose any problems it might have with drainage.

If you haven’t received much rain in your area, it may be difficult to notice any drainage problems in your yard. Consider inspecting it for any of the following signs of drainage problems.

Signs of Yard Drainage Problems

Water can wreak havoc on your yard, and it can be a subtle process. Keep an eye out for:

  1. Topsoil. No matter how little, if you notice that topsoil moves every time it rains, it can be the beginning of a drainage problem.
  2. Erosion. As your yard drainage problem becomes more severe, yard soil will begin eroding.
  3. Water pooling. No matter how small, pools of water under gutters and downspouts is a definite sign of a problem. Check out your crawlspace as well for puddles or wet areas.
  4. Structural changes. If you see wood floor warping, stains on the walls or cracks that continue to widen, then get it checked out.

Common Yard Drainage Problems and Solutions

Being aware of these signs of yard drainage problems is the first step in resolving them. Let’s take a look at some common drainage problems and their solutions.

Problem #1 - Poor Elevation

The ideal yard has a good enough slope leading off your property to allow water to drain to the appropriate locations. Unfortunately, not all yards have the correct elevation and will lead to water problems in your yard.

In most cases, the problems with elevation are not something to blame on the homeowner. It’s an issue that could’ve quickly been resolved when the contractors built the home. How can this problem be fixed?

Solution for Poor Elevation

The best way to resolve problems with poor elevation is to regrade your yard. Yard regrading is the process of leveling out land to ensure that water flows away from your home’s foundation. It will be the best option, no matter the cost because damage to the structure of your home will probably be more expensive.

Problem #2 - Issues With Gutter Spouts

Gutters around your home are installed to ensure that water falling from the roof doesn’t cause damage to your yard. When this system isn’t installed correctly or has become damaged, it can lead to water traps or damage to the soil where the water exits.

Solution for Problems With Your Gutters

When it rains, be mindful of how the water flows from your gutters. Doing so will give you an idea of where the gutter spouts need to redirect to allow water to go downhill.

Problem #3 - Water Pools

Calculating the proper slope may not easily fix your yard drainage problems. Pools of standing water can sometimes form in areas that look difficult to drain. Despite its location, it’s never a good idea to leave it alone.

Solution for Water Pools

When adjusting the surface levels doesn’t eliminate standing water, you will have to dig deeper. Installing a drainage system in your yard will allow the drainage pipe to carry the water to the right place.

Hire Moyer Lawncare

What might seem like a simple solution for your yard drainage problems could turn into biting off more than you can chew. Allow the professionals at Moyer Lawncare to assess your property and resolve your drainage problems.

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