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Everyone wants their property to look good. For a home owner, there is a lot of pride in knowing that your home and lawn looks beautiful and well-kept. If you own a business, the appearance of your building and property is the first impression that your customers get; you need to make sure the image you portray is a professional one. However – landscaping and lawn work can be time-consuming, and it definitely includes some hard work. Even if you wanted to do the work, you may not have the time available. That’s where we come in! We can handle just about any task related to your lawn and landscaping. In fact, one of the things our customers love is that we are a “one-stop shop” – some of our services include:

Tree removal Call us when the unexpected happens – a storm blows a tree down, or an old tree is in danger of falling due to damage or just old age. This is a procedure that requires skills, experience and the right equipment.

Overseeding After a few years, grass does not grow as quickly and vibrantly as it once did. That’s where overseeding comes in – it allows for new growth that is thicker, and the grass also becomes more resistant to disease.

Fence repair and installation If you have a fence that has some problem areas, or if you need a replacement fence or a brand new fence, we will be happy to help with that.

Lawn leveling Most lawns are not perfectly level. This may become more obvious over time. If you have some ridges or valleys, we can get that fixed.

Shrub care Regular care of your shrubs and other landscaped plants means they will not only be healthy, but they will also make your home look great.

Stump grinding This is the last step in a tree removal. We can grind a stump down to below ground level, and with a section of sod, it will look like there was never a tree there.

Landscape maintenance Why spend your weekend working on your landscaping? Leave it to the pros – you can spend your time relaxing, and knowing that your property will look wonderful.

Landscape flowers We are very familiar with flowers used in landscaping – we can work with you on the various varieties so that you get the ones that work best for your location.

Whatever type of landscaping work you need to have done, Moyer Lawn Care can do it! Give us a call to schedule a free consultation and free estimate: 405-947-3177

We offer lawn care services and landscaping in Oklahoma City, Edmond, Norman and Moore.


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We can handle just about any task related to your lawn care and landscaping. In fact, one of the things our customers love is that we are a one-stop shop.