4 Tips For Lawn Mowing

Lawn Mowing

We’ve all driven by beautiful homes that unfortunately don’t look as good because the lawn isn’t so pretty. The lesson here is that the health of your yard can either positively or negatively affect how others view your property.

Many people believe that cutting your grass is as simple as riding a lawnmower up and down your landscape. But to keep your lawn flourishing and vibrant, let’s consider four tips that will help with proper mowing and maintenance.

Tip #1 - Mow Your Lawn on a High Setting

Although your lawnmower comes with various settings, the best tip to keep in mind when mowing your lawn is that you should only cut about ⅓ off the top of your grass. Depending on the weather, this probably means you will have to cut your grass more often, but think about these benefits that can outweigh this negative factor:

  1. The longer your grass blades are, the more support they can offer to develop a deeper root system. Stronger roots will be able to find water and nutrients more quickly in the soil.
  2. The shorter your grass is, the more energy it focuses on regrowing its grass blades rather than strengthening the roots. Short grass and weak roots will make your lawn more susceptible to weeds growing in.
  3. Longer grass blades will give you a softer lawn to walk on and make outside activities more enjoyable.

Tip #2 - Make Sure Your Lawn’s Dry

If you mow your lawn while it’s wet, this will lead to uneven trim. Wet clippings will also make your job a lot harder because they can clog your mower. In addition, these clumps of wet grass, if not raked up, can smother the grass while it tries to grow and leave brown spots throughout your lawn.

Tip #3 - Alternate Your Mowing Pattern

You would think that cutting in a particular pattern every time would make sense, right? The reality is that you should avoid mowing your lawn in the same direction or pattern each time. Doing so will increase the risk of soil compacting in certain spots and creating ruts. Switching it up will give you a healthier, weedless lawn.

Tip #4 - Don’t Mow Your Lawn on a Regular Schedule

Some of the factors that can contribute to how quickly your grass can grow are:

  • Your grass type
  • Growing conditions
  • Your lawns growth pattern
  • The season of the year

Keep in mind that the growth rate can vary due to these factors. So rather than mow your lawn after a certain amount of days, mow your lawn only when it needs it.

Professional Lawn Mowing Services

Since mowing your lawn requires some thought, where can I find professional lawn mowing near me? If you’re located in the Oklahoma City area, then the experts Moyer Lawncare & Landscaping is the company you can trust that’s committed to:

  • Producing the highest quality projects
  • Maintaining lasting relationships
  • Providing excellent service
  • Creating a safe work environment.

Give us a call today not only if you need your lawn mowed but also if you need some help with your Fall clean-up, gutter cleaning, or ice and snow removal.

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