What is Lawn Lime?

lawn lime

No matter how beautiful your home might be, the way your lawn looks can affect how others see your home. So it’s essential to give your lawn regular maintenance to help it withstand the challenges of changing weather.

A vital part of ensuring a healthy life for your lawn is providing it with the essential nutrients and energy it needs to prosper. Lawn fertilizer, which is much more than just food for your plants and lawn, will accomplish the task.

Is lawn lime a replacement for fertilizing your lawn? Lime won’t replace your fertilizer; instead, it’s a soil amendment that comes from ground limestone rock. This naturally occurring element contains calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate.

The Role of Lime For Your Grass

The primary role of lime is to alter your soil’s pH levels and offset the acidity found in your soil. By increasing the soil’s pH, making it less acidic, you can improve the plant nutrients available. 

The benefits of applying lime to your lawn include:

  • Adding nutrients. The calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate found in lime will be beneficial to preserve a lawn’s color and lushness and mitigate the damage caused by external elements.
  • Promoting bacteria. There are beneficial bacteria in soil that receive nourishment from the lime. Combining the lime with compost will make it even more valuable to your lawn.

Signs You Should Apply Lime to Your Lawn

Will your lawn benefit from a lime application? Here are some of the signs to look out for with the lawn surrounding your home:

  • Type of soil. If the soil under your lawn is sandy or clay, then you’re dealing with naturally acidic soil. This could be the reason that the fertilizer you’re using isn’t working.
  • Grass color. If your lawn seems to be yellowing, then your lawn might benefit from a lime application.
  • Trouble in the rain. Living in an area with lots of acid rain or your lawn has difficulty recovering from drought are other signs you could need lawn lime.
  • Weeds or moss. Unwanted growth in your lawn is another clear sign that pH levels might be off.

When Should You Use Lime For Grass?

The best time of the year to apply lime to your lawn is the beginning of fall. This time of year brings rain and cold temperatures that help the lime work its way into the soil. However, if you live in areas where the fall is already frosting your lawn, then you should apply it earlier in the year.

Getting the pH levels of your soil tested will give you a better idea of how much lime you need to apply. Once you know this, you can use it with a regular lawn spreader, and then you can apply water.

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